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AJM is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of plastic packaging experience.  We supply Shrink Wrap, Shrink Bags, and Laminating Supplies to individuals, businesses, retail stores, software companies, and many others.

Our customer service representatives are helpful and friendly—we welcome start-up companies and individuals who are new to shrink packaging or laminating.  Give us a call today at 1-800-845-6839 and we would be glad to help you assess your needs.

Our areas of specialty include:

Shrink Bags     • Laminating Pouches     • Sealers

Quality Laminators     • Shrink Wrap     • Lanyards


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Shrink Bag Starter Kits: Everything you need to begin!
Special Offer:
Shrink Bag
Starter Kits

Kit includes heat gun, sealer, and 500 bags.  Ideal for CDs, DVDs, Soaps, Candles, etc.



How to Shrink Wrap
How To Shrink Wrap: Step 1

How to Shrink Wrap: Step 2

How to Shrink Wrap: Step 3

How to Shrink Wrap: Step 4
Slide your package
between center folds of
shrink film material.

Press the sealer arm
down to seal and cut
the film (for about 2-sec.)
Turn the package to
seal & cut the open
side of bag just made.
Use heat gun to shrink
the film down around


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