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Starter Kit includes heat gun, sealer, and 500 shrink bags


AJM's Shrink Bag Starter Kits are complete systems to begin shrink wrapping your product line.  Ideal for small to medium businesses and budding entrepreneurs, our starter kits include 500 shrink bags, a sealer with timer and maintenance kit (PBS-200), a heat gun (HG-1200), and free technical support. 

AJM quality tests ALL Sealers, heat guns & bags. We include detailed instructions & an 800# for FREE tech. support should you ever need it.



2B-PBS-CD Kit KIT: PBS-200 (8") + HG1200 + 500 SB-CD BAGS + Maint. Kit + Instructions.  6 1/4"x7 shrink bags.  $105 15
2B-PBS-Dvd Kit KIT: PBS-200 (8") + HG1200 + 500 SB-611 BAGS + Maint Kit. + Instructions. 6 1/4" x 10 3/4" shrink bags. $109 17
2B-KIT-812 Kit KIT: PBS-200 (8") + HG1200 + 500 SB812 + Maint Kit. + Instructions.  8"x12" shrink bags. $116 20
PBS-300 Upgrade to kits. Upgrades the sealer in any of the above kits from an 8" to a 12" sealer (PBS-300) $16 +4 Lbs

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