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Features and Specifications


  • All-Steel Construction with Baked-on Powder Coating: Built on a rugged frame that promises long life under constant use.

  • Adjustable Sealing Frame Height: Fits packages of various heights by just the turn of a knob. Package is raised or lowered to the correct height for sealing. This operation is smooth and easy to fine tune with various package sizes.

  • Rubber Pad and Sealing Frame Adjustment: Tough, secure seals are created every time by the strong mating of the sealing frame to the rubber pads. Both adjustments make these seals superior in self maintenance & operation ease.

  • Heat Wire Compensation System: Turns sealing wire off at the same temperature every time. This system helps eliminate problems like premature breaking of the seal wire, and burning of the Teflon tape and rubber pads. Allows for FASTER SEALS, AND CONSISTENT RESULTS!

  • Adjustable Tray and Roller Assembly: Adjusts easily forward & backward to accommodate a variety of products.

  • Teflon Cloth/Tape: The Standard L-Sealer is designed to use Teflon cloth or tape if the type of plastic film requires it.

  • Film Brake: Eliminates problems with free unwinding of plastic film, keeps the correct pressure on supply roll.

    Designed with easy maintenance in mind, quick parts replacement and fewer technical calls.

Options Available

  • Hot Hole Punch: Frees trapped air when the film is shrunk.

  • Perforating Punch: Uses a perforating wheel to make small holes as the wrap is unwound; no air is trapped inside the wrap.

  • The "Letre" Tab System: A patented system that creates a tab to permit consumer-Friendly, easy opening of the package; also provides a venting hole without the need for a punch.

  • Legs with Locking Casters: Provides easy, safe movement of sealer where ever you will need it or store it.

  • Removable Stainless Steel Film Tray: For the food processing industry.

  • 220/240 Volts available: For export or domestic wiring.


* 220/240 volts available

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